This one-day course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to conduct internal environmental audits. Practical, proven techniques for planning, conducting, and reporting on internal environmental audits will be introduced. Role-plays and case studies based on actual audits will be used to reinforce the concepts and provide participants with practice in applying the principles to situations typically encountered during internal auditing.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the different types of audits and the levels of auditing available
  • Recall the qualifications of auditors and the preparation that they need to conduct an audit
  • List basic steps in an audit and how auditors gather information and evidence
  • Develop open-ended questions which will help in audit interviews
  • Name the essential aspects of an audit checklist
  • Develop an audit checklist based on EMS procedures
  • Plan for an audit
  • Prepare Internal Audit Noncompliance and Corrective Action Report to record non-conformances
  • Recognize the corrective action process and its importance in closing out non-conformances
  • Demonstrate conducting an audit closing meeting

How You Will Benefit:

·       Be prepared for environmental audit

·       Improve effectiveness of audit preparation

·       Enhance corrective action measures

·       Potential to improve health and safety of workforce

Who Should Attend:

·       Employees responsible for contributing to or preparing environmental audits

Course Information


This course does not have any sections.