A distracted employee is a less effective employee. Employees who do not pay attention to their work can waste valuable time and make careless mistakes. Your participants will be more efficient at their job, make fewer mistakes, and overall be more productive.

Attention Management is a useful skill that allows managers to connect with their employees on an emotional level and motivate them to focus on their work and how to reach their personal and company goals. Your participants will gain valuable insight and strategies into what it takes to be more attentive and vigilant.

Learning Objectives:  

  • Define attention management
  • Identify different types of attention
  • Create strategies for goals and SMART goals
  • List methods that focus attention
  • Describe ways to reduce procrastination
  • Identify ways to prioritize time
  • Employ tools to increase productivity
  • Discuss ways to increase job satisfaction

How You Will Benefit:

  • Boosted productivity when employees are able to identify and minimize distractions
  • Improved quality of work by minimizing errors through attention management techniques
  • Reduced stress and burnout when employees are taught to manage their workload effectively
  • Enhanced decision making by filtering out irrelevant information and focusing on details that matter
  • Increased time for deep work by fostering creativity and critical thinking
  • Improved work-life balance tips allowing employees to disconnect daily

Who Should Attend:

Anyone seeking to take control of their workday, maximize their focus, and achieve better results       

Prerequisites: None

Course Format: Live instructor led

Course Duration: 8 hours

Level of Difficulty: Beginner

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