Your brand speaks for your company and its products and/or services. In today’s online-focused world, it’s important that your brand has a definitive, consistent, and responsive presence. Whether you’re looking to build a brand from scratch, or strengthen an existing brand, this course will help you build a brand using social media. We’ll cover how to build a social media strategy, identify social media platforms that fit your brand, craft strong messages that will engage your audience, and evaluate and revise your strategy.

Learning Objectives:  

  • Define terms related to social media branding
  • Create a strategy for your social media brand
  • Describe various social media platforms and identify what platforms fit your brand
  • Discuss ways to communicate effectively over social media
  • Explain effective ways to deal with negative feedback and criticism
  • Create a social media playbook to guide brand ambassadors
  • Evaluate your brand strength and revise your strategy

How You Will Benefit:

  • Enhanced recruitment and employer branding to attract top talent, stand out from competitors and reduce recruitment costs
  • Improved employee engagement and advocacy by equipping employees with the knowledge and confidence to become brand ambassadors and share positive content about the company
  • Stronger employer-customer relationships to promote a positive and engaging social media presence that builds trust and loyalty with potential and existing customers
  • Thought leadership that can help employees develop and share industry expertise
  • Data-driven marketing to help grasp social media analytics that allow for targeted campaigns and content that resonate best with your audience

Who Should Attend:

Employers seeking a powerful tool for attracting talent, engaging employees, and building strong customer relationships, ultimately contributing to the company’s success.       

Prerequisites: None

Course Format: Live instructor led

Course Duration: 8 hours

Level of Difficulty: Beginner

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