Whether you are creating a workplace wellness program from scratch, or enhancing what you already have, you’re already on the right track! With increasing costs of health care, a shrinking workforce, and aging workers, a savvy workplace understands the value in supporting workers to improve their conditioning and to live a fitter lifestyle. This two-day course includes all aspects of designing or upgrading a program, from concept through implementation, to review.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the necessity of workplace wellness programs.
  • Create program elements that reflect the needs of employees and the objectives of the organization.
  • Select program elements that fit the context of current operations.
  • Establish implementation and evaluation strategies.

How Will You Benefit:

  • Identify the core components of effective workplace wellness programs.
  • Recall the benefits of wellness programs for both employees and organizations.
  • Describe the necessity and value of implementing workplace wellness programs in today’s business environment.
  • Explain how wellness programs can address specific challenges such as healthcare costs, workforce shortages, and aging workers.
  • Create basic elements of a workplace wellness program that align with both employee needs and organizational goals.
  • Select appropriate wellness program components that integrate smoothly with current organizational operations.
  • Analyze the needs of employees and the strategic objectives of the organization to determine appropriate wellness program elements.
  • Evaluate various wellness strategies to determine their feasibility and potential impact within the company.
  • Design a comprehensive workplace wellness program from scratch, incorporating all aspects of planning, from concept through implementation.
  • Develop innovative solutions to enhance existing wellness programs, ensuring they are tailored to the evolving needs of the workforce.
  • Assess the effectiveness of the implemented wellness program through systematic evaluation strategies.
  • Critique and revise wellness program components based on feedback and performance data to ensure continuous improvement and relevance.

Who Should Attend:

HR professionals or any supervisor or manager looking to create a wellness program for their organization.

Course Format:  Live Instructor Led (synchronous)

Course Duration:  16 hours

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