As with many significant undertakings, undergoing a CRM review (even simply considering its implementation) requires learners to analyze technical and complicated systems. This one-day course sorts through a myriad of information and brings you the basics you need to decide about the need for CRM, its benefits, and how to coordinate the base requirements for a CRM undertaking.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the terms and benefits of CRM on a company’s bottom line
  • Analyze the different components of a CRM plan
  • Develop a checklist for readiness and success in CRM
  • Describe considerations in tool selection
  • Employ strategies for customer retention
  • Describe how CRM creates value for organizations and customers
  • Consider developmental roles that have the greatest impact on CRM

How You Will Benefit:

  • Improved business results
  • Increased CRM effectiveness
  • Improved customer relationships

Who Should Attend:

  • Any individual interested in learning more about CRM

Course Format: Live instructor led (synchronous) 

Course Duration: 8 hours

This course does not have any sections.