This 2-day course introduces participants to Pega RULES Process Commander (PRPC), the cutting edge business process management (BPM) solution from Pegasystems, built on the robust Pega RULES foundation. Designed specifically for professionals in the manufacturing industry, this training will cover essential aspects of team building, the varied roles within a project team, and how PEGA differs from other development tools. Participants will also explore the “out of the box” functionality that PEGA offers and understand the Basic Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies including Waterfall, Iterative, and Agile. This course aims to equip attendees with a foundational understanding of PEGA/PRPC to improve business processes and operational efficiency.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the core features and capabilities of PEGA/PRPC and its distinction from other BPM tools.
  • Identify the foundational principles of the Pega RULES engine.
  • Understand the importance of team dynamics and the roles of different team members in a PEGA project.
  • Develop strategies for effective team building and role allocation to enhance project outcomes.
  • Navigate through PEGA’s out of the box functionalities that accelerate development and deployment processes.
  • Assess how these capabilities can be leveraged to meet business requirements effectively.
  • Distinguish between different SDLC methodologies such as Waterfall, Iterative, and Agile.
  • Apply the appropriate SDLC methodology based on project requirements and constraints.

How Will You Benefit:

  • Have a solid understanding of PEGA/PRPC as a BPM solution, including its core features, capabilities, and how it stands apart from other development tools.
  • Be knowledgeable about the critical role of team dynamics in the success of PEGA projects, with the ability to apply teambuilding strategies and effectively define team roles.
  • Possess the skills to navigate PEGA’s out of the box functionalities, understanding how to utilize these features to streamline business processes and improve efficiency.
  •  Have the competence to select and apply the most suitable SDLC methodology to PEGA projects, enhancing project management and delivery.

Who Should Attend:

Professionals in the manufacturing industry looking to understand and apply PEGA/PRPC in their business processes.

Course Format:  Live Instructor Led (Synchronous)

Course Duration:  2 Days

Cost:  $850.00

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