Traditionally, middle managers make up the largest managerial layer in an organization. The Middle Manager is responsible for those above them and those below them. They head a variety of departments and projects. For a company to operate smoothly, it is essential that those in middle management be committed to the goals of the organization and understand how to effectively execute these goals.

It is crucial for businesses to focus on these essential managers and provide them with the opportunities to succeed. No matter the organization’s structure or size, it will benefit from employing well-trained middle managers. Having a middle manager understand their role in the organization is very important. They are in communication with a very large percentage of the company and will have a large impact throughout the organization.


  • Accurately define management
  • Correctly differentiate between ethical and unethical behavior
  • Appropriately manage information and make decisions
  • Describe the control process
  • Successfully use organizational strategies to facilitate change
  • Accurately create structures and processes to manage teams
  • Successfully recognize qualities of leadership

 How Will You Benefit?

  • Be able to balance efficiency and effectiveness
  • Recognize ethical and unethical behavior for yourself and others
  • Utilize Strategic Planning tools
  • Rethink your decision-making process
  • Recognize your own leadership traits, as well as opportunities for growth
  • Be able to employ change management strategies
  • Recognize if your team has effective or ineffective qualities
  • Exposure to different motivation techniques

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers responsible for organizational strategy and managing people

Course Information


Middle Manager

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Getting Started

Introduction to Management

Ethics and Social Responsibility

Managing Information

Decision Making


Organizational Strategy

Innovation and Change

Organizational Structures and Process

Managing Teams

Motivation and Leadership

Wrapping up