This two-day course is designed to help participants overcome many of the supervisory problems that they will encounter as a workplace leader. Dealing with the problems that a new supervisor encounters isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to lead to discouragement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Adjust to the supervisor’s role with confidence.
  • Develop your skills in listening, asking questions, resolving conflict, and giving feedback to employees.
  • Identify key attitudes that you can develop to enhance your supervisory skills.
  • Use time management and planning techniques to maximize your success.
  • Develop a technique for giving instructions that are clear and understood.
  • Understand the importance of developing good relationships with employees and peers, so you are seen as fair and consistent.

How Will You Benefit:

  • Adapt to the role of a supervisor by confidently applying leadership principles and demonstrating effective supervisory behaviors.
  • Enhance communication skills, including active listening, clear questioning, conflict resolution, and constructive feedback to improve team dynamics and employee performance.
  • Cultivate key attitudes such as fairness, consistency, and approachability to foster positive relationships with employees and peers.
  • Employ effective time management and planning techniques to optimize personal efficiency and team productivity.
  • Develop and utilize clear instructional techniques to ensure tasks and expectations are understood and effectively executed by team members.
  • Evaluate and refine supervisory approaches based on feedback and performance outcomes to continuously improve leadership effectiveness.

Who Should Attend:

This course is for people who are new supervisors or who are interested in a supervisory position, as well as those who are team leaders or part-time supervisors without a great deal of authority.

Course Format:  Live Instructor Led (synchronous)

Course Duration:  16 hours

This course does not have any sections.