Women have a longstanding history in the workforce, in all roles from frontline worker to visionary founder, influential behind the scenes patron to front and center CEO. As women, however, what are the influences, barriers, and benefits to our leadership? Do we use or even acknowledge our strengths and skills?

This is a time of great change in the workforce, in part because of the increase in numbers and influence of women in the workplace. Flex time, daycare and caregiver support, and telecommuting are a few examples of workplace initiatives that benefit everyone, but evolved primarily due to the roles and influence of women who are often juggling multiple home, workplace, and community responsibilities. However, there are some areas in which women could still be more visible and vocal.

This one-day course will explore the history of women in the workforce and offer personal opportunities for exploration, identification, and development of leadership strengths and skills.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand a brief history and evolution of women and leadership.
  • Recognize barriers to women’s leadership and how to handle them.
  • Learn how to use barriers to create benefits.
  • Define Social and Emotional Intelligence and understand its importance in workplace leadership.
  • Understand the importance of Self-awareness in identifying and owning your own strengths and skills.
  • Develop a basic vision and brand for your leadership.
  • Understand the essential leadership skills for women.
  • Examine steps and skills to good decision-making.
  • Create your own Workplace Philosophy Statement and Action Plan

How Will You Benefit:

  • Understand the historical context and evolution of women in leadership roles, recognizing the unique barriers and opportunities they face.
  • Identify and overcome specific challenges to women’s leadership by transforming barriers into benefits through strategic actions.
  • Develop and utilize social and emotional intelligence to enhance leadership effectiveness in the workplace.
  • Cultivate self-awareness to acknowledge and leverage personal strengths and skills in leadership positions.
  • Formulate a personal leadership vision and brand that aligns with individual values and organizational goals.
  • Enhance decision-making skills and create a coherent Workplace Philosophy Statement and Action Plan to guide professional conduct and aspirations.
  • Apply essential leadership skills tailored to women, promoting visibility, influence, and impact in leadership roles.

Who Should Attend:

Any woman that is looking to advance her career.

Course Format:  Live Instructor Led (synchronous)

Course Duration:  8 hours

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