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Effective 21st Century Manufacturing training supports shortened learning curves, increased production rates, increased production quality standards, and enhanced profitability. The objective of this training is to instill efficiency, job-required skills, knowledge, and attitudes to support the manufacturing process.

Some new hires have never worked in a manufacturing environment; therefore, they do not understand the importance of supply chain management, project management, and lean manufacturing.

The judgment of all employees is important – they must use it to make decisions that could significantly impact the business as a whole, let alone their team or department. Everything should be aimed at achieving the company’s overall goals. Employees must be able to look at situations with a critical eye and identify the most important issues upon which to act. Give your manufacturing team the bigger picture by sharing the organization goals and their roles in achieving those goals, and they will realize that their contribution is imperative to the success of the business. This will not only get them engaged, but they will become a more productive member of the team.

What will we cover?
*Basic manufacturing terminology
*Comprehend the flows of supply chain management and data warehouses
*The difference between active listening and listening to respond
*The value of teamwork
*Who are their external and internal customers
*The difference between a manager and a leader
*Change management

How will employees’ benefit?
*Develop basic manufacturing competencies in oral and written communication
*Develop problem-solving skills
*Develop leadership skills
*Improve interpersonal skills
*Understand the importance of self-direction, flexibility, customer service, and decisiveness
*Understand the skills needed to become an effective manager or leader

Who should attend?
*Anyone that has never worked in a manufacturing environment

Course Duration: 40 hours



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