The meaning of telephone etiquette can sometimes be difficult to describe. It can be a unique attribute or characteristic that facilitates great communication, inside and outside the office. It can be the special way that you show confidence in any challenging situation. These and other events can become more easily managed with this great course.

With our Telephone Etiquette course, your participants will begin to see how important itis to develop better telephone communication skills. By improving how they communicate on the telephone and improving basic communication skills, your participants will improve on almost every aspect of their career.

Learning Objectives:  

  • Identify the different aspects of telephone language
  • Discuss best practices of handling inbound outbound calls
  • Discuss how to handle angry or rude callers
  • Recall ways to receive and send phone messages
  • Examine different methods of employee training

How You Will Benefit:

  • Improved communication skills
  • Enhanced customer service skills
  • Better problem-solving skills
  • Greater professionalism

Who Should Attend:

Anyone interested in improving their telephone etiquette and overall skills that will lead to a more effective way of communicating in and out of the workplace.                                  

Prerequisites: None

Course Format: Live instructor led

Course Duration: 8 hours

Level of Difficulty: Beginner

This course does not have any sections.


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